Strange New Worlds Starfleet Duty Uniform – Dress (Skant) Variants

Command Division, circa 2259

Authorized for wear by those personnel specializing in the command and control tasks aboard starships as well as ground and space-based installations, along with Starfleet Command’s upper leadership hierarchy. The assigned division is represented by the uniform tunic’s gold color, with the officer’s rank denoted by stripes on the tunic’s sleeves.

This version of the Command Division Starfleet Duty Uniform is worn by actress Rebecca Romijn for her portrayal of Liutenant commander Una Chin-Riley. It is a creation of costume designers Bernadette Croft and Gersha Phillips and the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds costume department.

Operations Division, circa 2259

Worn by Starfleet personnel specializing in the communications, engineering, security, and tactical functions aboard starships as well as starbases and planet-based installations. The uniform tunic’s predominant maroon color indicates the assigned division, with the wearer’s rank displayed on the tunic’s sleeves.

This uniform is worn by actress Celia Rose Gooding for her portrayal of cadet Nyota Uhura. it is a creation of costume designers Bernadette Croft and Gersha Phillips and the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds costume department.

Color Reference

Thanks to the Star Trek Costume Group on Facebook and an awesome member who snapped a photo of the actual Pantones used for the costumes. They were shared at Star Trek: Mission Chicago by the costume designer Bernadette Croft. The official color is below. Additionally, Pantone sells individual fabric swatches for each of their colors directly on their website

Command Uniform Color Values


17-0949 TCX



178, 131, 47



Operations Uniform Color Values


19-1930 TCX



108, 40, 49




Below is a table of the measurements I was able to to take. Some Imperial measurements are rounded.

ComponentMeasurement (cm)Measurement (in)
Collar Height4 – 4.51.5 – 1.75
Zipper Pull Length2.30.9
Zipper Opening Width.650.25
Stripe Height1.20.5
Stripe Separation1.30.5
Cuff Opening to Stripe Offset1.40.5
Total Cuff Length6.32.5
Chest Dart9 – 9.53.5 – 3.75

Division Fabric (Downloads)

The raised superhero-esque print used on these uniforms sits much more flush with the fabric than the deltas on the Discovery uniforms. I scaled the image to actual size in Illustrator, then traced and averaged the pattern before tiling it. Since the fabric was not laying flat, I only based the traced pattern on stars in the center of the frame and closest to the ruler to minimize distortion. 

Below are PDF files you can download. One suitable for large applications sized 30″x60″ and another smaller 8 1/2″x11″. Print at 100%. Do not scale.

Command Star Pattern Downloads

Operations Swirl Pattern Downloads

The Details

Not much to see under here except the hem of the undershirt. Tights only have an inseam, no outseam.

More Photos

Full Resolution Photos (Download)

Can’t get enough? Here’s a google drive link where you can download full resolution photos of everything in this post and all the other costumes at the exhibit.

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      1. There isn’t a published pattern, but you can kitbash from an existing pattern for something with similar cutting lines.

        Fwiw, I wouldn’t be surprised if one if the “Big 3” do a near-ish pattern for cosplaying, just as happens for other media.

    1. The details on the sleeve were screen-printed by the costuming team. There’s some debate as to whether they used an opaque ink or a clear silicon ink. I looked into the costs (and learning curve) of screen-printing my own fabric and it was a bit too much, so I’ve made a workaround with my Cricut machine and some heat-transfer vinyl…

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